Belles & Chimes

The Belles of Space City

Belles & Chimes is an international network of women’s pinball leagues. The Houston chapter was founded in 2018 with a goal of providing a fun, safe, and supportive environment for women to socialize and play pinball together.

Beginner and novice players of any age are encouraged to join. Playing with others is a fantastic way to improve your pinball skills!  For the more experienced players, Belles & Chimes tournaments offer a unique opportunity to earn IFPA points available specifically for women’s-only competitions.  

The Belles kick off summer with Space Camp! A Women’s Weekend at the Wormhole. We invite women from the Houston area and BEYOND to join us for this WPPRtunity! 

Houston Women’s IFPA events are qualifying events for the IFPA Women’s North American Championship Series. For details regarding qualifying in Texas, please visit the Championship Series page

In addition to local tournaments, the Belles of Space City are proud to direct the women’s tournaments at major events including the Texas Takedown at the Texas Pinball Festival and the Interstellar Showdown at the Houston Arcade Expo.

Come play with us! We host a variety of events including tournaments, skills workshops, and parties. Check the Space City calendar for event information.

Join our Facebook group or follow our Instagram @bellesandchimeshouston.

Belles & Chimes was founded in 2013 in Oakland, California and currently has over 80 chapters.


Director Elizabeth Dronet & Assistant Director Raleigh Palis

Tournament Information

Tournament Schedule

The Belles monthly matchplay tournament is held on the second Saturday of each month, except November when we help host the Houston Arcade Expo. We also periodically host a 5-week league night series and high score tournaments at local private collections. Check the website calendar and IFPA calendar for details and locations.

Tournament Director

The tournament director will be responsible for managing and organizing the tournament. The tournament director will also be responsible for making any rulings in the event of malfunctions and errors. The tournament director has the final say. If a game requires a ruling that the tournament director is directly involved, the ruling will be deferred to the assistant director. The current tournament director is listed below. Please contact her with any questions about the tournament.

Director: Elizabeth Dronet   email:
Assistant Director: Raleigh Palis

Tournament Software

Next.MatchPlay.Events will be used to organize tournaments. The software will assign groups and arenas for each round. Players may submit results at the conclusion of a round after verifying with a fellow competitor that the submission information is correct.

Group knockout tournaments

Players are placed in groups of 3-4 and play on a random machine. The bottom two players (bottom player in three player groups) of each game receive a “strike”. Players who receive four strikes are eliminated from the tournament.

League Nights

Throughout the year, we will schedule a league season often using private collections. The season will last six weeks plus a night of finals. The events are modeled after Space City Pinball’s league nights at 1820 Lounge and will use the rules and expectations listed there for these Belles events.

Texas PinBelle League

Our Houston Belles and Chimes chapter celebrates women’s pinball across Texas with our fellow Belles from Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. Periodically, we plan and participate in special events with these fellow Belles and Chimes members, the Texas PinBelle League. 

Game Selection

At the beginning of the tournament, the tournament director will select a set of games to be used that day. Selection will be determined based on condition of the game. Games that have key scoring features that are broken or are producing odd behaviors will not be used in the tournament.


If someone is playing on a machine that you are scheduled to play, please politely ask for the next game and wait for them to finish.

It is polite to wait until all players arrive before beginning a round. The first player should then add the appropriate number of games and begin. When the round is up on Match Play, arrive within 5 minutes or risk having your ball plunged.

Never put drinks on machines.

During tournament play, do not distract your opponent by talking to them (unless they talk to you or tell you it’s okay). Do not hover over their shoulders. Do not coach them or give them advice while they play. It is perfectly fine to talk/exchange high-fives between balls.

Pay attention to the order of play. If you play someone else’s ball, you must take a 0 for the game.

Lose with grace.

All players are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and sensitive manner.  SCPL is first and foremost an inclusive organization.  Outbursts and offensive language are not acceptable.  Derogatory speech towards any age/race/gender/person is not acceptable.  Any overtly aggressive behavior that any TD determines to be inappropriate is not acceptable.  Expressed or implied threats or actions of violence are not acceptable.


At the beginning of the tournament, the director will announce whether or not extra balls will be played depending upon time and number of players.

In the event that extra balls are not being played, when you are awarded an extra ball, you must plunge it. You cannot touch the flipper buttons before plunging. You may try ONCE for a soft skill shot. If the ball does not make it out of the shooter lane on your first attempt, you must plunge the second time at full strength. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they do not play extra balls by accident. If a player plays an extra ball by accident, they must take a 0 for the game.


If a ball becomes stuck during single-ball play, notify the tournament director for help. The ball will be placed on the right or left flipper, determined by the side of the game the ball became stuck on.


Pinball machines are mechanical in nature, and thus often produce unintended behaviors. Moreover, many of these machines are very old! If a game malfunctions in any way (e.g., flipper breaks, debris on field, game reset, etc.), please ask the tournament director for a ruling. The director will attempt to repair the machine without sacrificing the game. If this cannot be done, a new machine will be drawn and all progress in the original game will be scrapped.


Our tournaments are sanctioned by the IFPA. Participating in Belles & Chimes events earns points toward World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) system specifically designed for Women-only events. Visit the IFPA website to learn more. The value of the tournament will be determined by the number of rated players in the tournament and the ratings of those players.

Space City Pinball Congratulates these past women’s champions!

Belles & Chimes

2024Spring League
2024FebruaryMolly Oury
2024JanuaryKaren Ward
2023DecemberEmily Hoffman
2023OctoberAlice Young
2023SeptemberMiette Dronet
2023AugustErin Anthony
2023JulyAlice Young
2023JuneKaren Ward
2023Space Camp Main MatchplayElizabeth Dronet
2023Spring LeagueLeslie Speights
2023MayEmily Hoffman
2023MarchLeslie Speights
2023FebruaryMiette Dronet
2023JanuaryMiette Dronet
2022DecemberElizabeth Dronet
2022OctoberMiette Dronet
2022September Lisa Shore
2022AugustLisa Shore
2022JulyRaleigh Palis
2022JuneRaleigh Palis
2022MayLeslie Speights
2022Spring LeagueLisa Shore
2022AprilGina Low
2022FebruaryElizabeth Dronet
2021Fall LeagueElizabeth Dronet
2021Fall High ScoreDani Wade
2021OctoberAnnabeth Dronet
2021SeptemberMiette Dronet
2021AugustAnnabeth Dronet
2020Spring LeagueStephanie Mueller
2020FebruaryEmily Hoffman
2020JanuaryRaleigh Palis
2019DecemberMiette Dronet
2019NovemberRaleigh Palis
2019Fall LeagueElizabeth Dronet
2019OctoberAnnabeth Dronet
2019SeptemberAnnabeth Dronet
2019AugustMiette Dronet
2019JulyCosmina Gillespie
2019JuneLisa Shore
2019MayMiette Dronet
2019AprilStephanie Mueller
2019MarchAnnabeth Dronet
2019FebruaryLaurie Bender
2019JanuaryMiette Dronet
2018DecemberMiette Dronet
2018NovemberRebecca Cook
2018OctoberMiette Dronet
2018SeptemberMiette Dronet
2018AugustElizabeth Dronet
2018JulyElizabeth Dronet
2018JuneRebecca Cook
2018MayAnnabeth Dronet
2018AprilLisa Shore
2018MarchGrace Martinez