Women’s Weekend at the Wormhole

Because someday, you’re goin’ up!

The Belles of Space City invite women of all ages and skills to join us for a weekend of tournaments at the Wormhole, a private pinball club in Houston, Texas. At Space Camp, ladies will drill their skills to prepare for the ultimate pinball mission.

Registration opens Saturday, April 6 at 10am: http://matchplay.live/spacecamp

Camp t-shirts available from Silverball Swag.

May 24-26, 2024



  • 6pm Doors Open
  • 7pm Three Strike Knockout
  • 8pm Best Game Tournament qualifying begins


  • 9am Doors Open
  • 9:30am-12:30pm – Main Matchplay qualifying for the first four rounds
  • Lunch Break
  • 2pm-5pm Main Matchplay qualifying for the last four rounds
  • Dinner Break
  • 7pm – Mission Max Matchplay & Party — Earn Mission Patches!


  • 9am – Main Matchplay PAPA Finals for top 12 qualifiers – Streamed by Wormhole Pinball
  • 10am – Best Game PAPA Finals for top qualifiers (number depends on number of participants)

Tournament Information

Entry fees:

  • Wormhole weekend pass – $25
  • Four-tournament weekend pass: $25

Players who cannot play in all four tournaments may pay individual tournament entry fees listed below instead, total will not exceed $25.

Main Matchplay Tournament

Ladies will be placed in groups of 3 or 4 and play 8 rounds of 2 games for a total of 16 games of matchplay qualifying on Saturday, 5/25. The tournament will run on Next.Matchplay.Events. We will use 7/5/3/1 scoring, rotating order, and balanced pairing. The expected TGP is 200%. 

Finals for the top 12 players will be on Sunday and will be PAPA style (3 games per round) on games randomly selected by the tournament directors using the tournament software. At the start of the round, players will choose player order starting with the highest seeded player according to the points accumulated during the qualifying rounds. They will play in this order for the entire round. Players will earn points for each game depending on their finishing positions (4,2,1,0). Ties at the end of this round will be played on a single, randomly chosen game.

In the event of a tie during qualifying:
Ties will be broken automatically by the number of first and second place finishes. If the software cannot resolve the tie, the tie will be broken by a single game on a random machine. Only critical ties will be broken such as those that determine advancing to finals.

Cash prize percentage pay outs are determined by player participation, net of trophy and fixed cash prize expenses, and tournament expenses.

1st place – 40% of Net Prize Purse + trophy
2nd place – 30% + trophy
3rd place – 20% + trophy
4th place – 10% + trophy

Entry to the Wormhole for the weekend is $25.
Entry to the Main Matchplay tournament is $15 if player did not purchase an all access pass.

Best Game Tournament

Players will receive 14 entries to use on a bank of 7 machines with the the top two scores over 6 games counting toward overall standings. (You must put 2 scores on at least 6 machines.)

This tournament will run on next.matchplay.events. All photos of scores must be timestamped/approved/witnessed by TD. Game scores must be single player. 

Qualifying starts on Friday, 5/24 at 8pm and ends on Sat, 5/25 at 6:30pm. Playoffs on Sun, 5/26 at 10am.

Sunday PAPA Finals: Playoff qualifiers will be based on number of participants but will likely consist of 8 players in finals. Playoff bank will consist of games from qualifying. Finalist will receive trophies.

Entry to the Wormhole for the weekend is $25.
Best Game Tournament Entry is $10 if player did not purchase an all access pass.

3 Strike Knockout Tournament

Players are placed in groups of 3-4 and play on a random machine. The bottom two players (bottom player in three player groups) of each game receive a “strike”. Players who receive three strikes are eliminated. The tournament will be held Friday night at 7pm. The champion will receive a trophy.

Tournament Entry is $5.

Mission Max Matchplay

The Houston and San Antonio Belles are hosting a party – TO THE MAX!

Join us for Mission Max Matchplay and an out of the world Space Camp Party! We will compete in 16 head-to-head matches with no set duration. All ages. All skills. All fun!

If you wish to enter, PLEASE commit to playing the entire event!

Tournament Entry is $10 if player did not purchase an all access pass.

Optional Open Tournament at EinStein’s

Space City Pinball will be holding an open tournament on Sunday, May 26, starting at 1pm at EinStein’s Pub and Arcade in Richmond, Tx. See the SCPL calendar for details.

Visiting Houston?

The Wormhole is located in the historic Houston Heights. There are several restaurants both across the street and next door to The Wormhole along with a grocery store that is just up the road. The Wormhole has a covered outdoor patio where you are welcome to hang out, eat, and relax. There is an ice machine and refrigerator (BYOB) available to players.