Three Strike Tuesdays

A three strikes knockout tournament is held every Tuesday at The Game Preserve North starting at 6:30 PM.

Space City Pinball also hosts a three strike Tuesday at The Game Preserve NASA location every other week. See the calendar for dates.

The cost is $1 per player for the IFPA fee and entry or membership to the arcade. 

Players are placed in groups of 3-4 and play on a random machine. The bottom two players (bottom player in three player groups) of each game receive a strike. Players who receive three strikes are eliminated.


Three Strikes - Strikeless Wins

2023MarchJim Mueller
2022JulyCory Westfahl
2022MayMarc Gammons
2022MarchDavid Pollock
2022JanuaryBen Whittington
2021JulyCraig Squires
2020JanuaryBen Whittington
2019AugustBen Whittington
2019AugustJack Revnew
2019JulyCraig Squires
2019MarchFred Revnew
2018NovemberFrankie Griffin
2018OctoberCraig Squires
2018AugustDavid Pollock
2018JulyFred Revnew
2018AprilDavid Pollock