Texas Women’s IFPA Championship

Welcome to the 2022 IFPA Women’s North American Championship Series!

Below you will find information regarding qualifying and the championship format. At this time, state champions will not move onto a national championship; however, there are plans for this type of event in the future.

Texas IFPA Women’s Coordinator

Elizabeth Dronet – bellesandchimeshouston@gmail.com


Qualifying runs from January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. There are 16 championship berths to qualify for, 8 based on performance in women’s-only events and 8 based on performance in open events. All events that a player participates in will be counted toward the standings (as opposed to NACS, where only the 20 best results count toward qualifying). Click here for the IFPA Women’s Standings.

If fewer than two women’s-only events are held during the qualifying period, only the top 8 women based on performance in open events will qualify for the championship.


Open event qualifiers will be the odd seeds, while women’s-only event qualifiers will be the even seeds. If a player qualifies through both sets of rankings, they will be assigned their highest possible initial seed. If initial seeding is subsequently altered by player attendance, qualified players are locked into the side of the rankings they initially qualified on. For example, if Player A qualified as the 3rd seed based on open events and the 6th seed based on women’s events, they would be assigned the 3rd seed, even if subsequent drop-outs on the women’s side raise their potential even seed number to 2nd. Similarly, if a player is an alternate based on both sets of standings, they will be assigned the seed of the first available slot they qualify for and be skipped over should any openings occur based on the other set of standings. This seeding process may be initially confusing, and we are here to help! Please reach out to us with any questions, hypotheticals, or requests for assistance.


The women’s state/division/provincial championships will all be held on the same day, meaning a player can only participate in one championship. In 2023, these events will be held the Sunday immediately following the State/Provincial Championship to allow organizers to coordinate logistics, share media attention, and leverage resources between the events should they want or need to.


The tournament format will be the same one that has been used for NACS: fold seeding (1-16, 2-15, 3-14, etc., or 1-8, 2-7, etc. for regions without sufficient women’s-only events), best-of-7 matches, single-elimination bracket.

The Bronze Match (playoff for 3rd and 4th) will be a best-of-3 match. There are no Super States for WNACS at this juncture, so there will be no byes. Tournament Directors will follow the IFPA/PAPA unified ruleset as closely as possible.


The IFPA will provide a trophy plaque for the winner of each event. Regarding monetary prizes, the IFPA does not currently collect a dollar fee for women’s-only events, so buy-in to the championship will be $20 per player, with all money returning to the prize pool. Prizes will be distributed in a 40%-30%-20%-10% payout structure, meaning $130 for 1st, $95 for 2nd, $65 for 3rd, and $30 for 4th.

For regions without sufficient women’s-only events (and thus fewer participants and a smaller prize pool), the payouts will be $64 for 1st, $48 for 2nd, $32 for 3rd, and $16 for 4th. Organizers are welcome to pursue additional prizes through sponsors, community crowdfunding, etc. All additional monetary prizes must be distributed in the same 40%-30%-20%-10% payout structure described above.