Wormhole Pinball

Monthly 4 Strikes

A four strikes knockout tournament is held the first Saturday of each month at The Wormhole, a private collection in the Houston Heights (2017 N Shepherd). There is limited parking on site. The tournament starts at 1pm with a $20 entry fee.

Players are placed in groups of 3-4 and play on a random machine. The bottom two players (bottom player in three player groups) of each game receive a strike. Players who receive four strikes are eliminated.

Monday Nights

You can find Wormhole streaming on Monday nights. Mondays alternate between open tournaments starting at 6:30 such as 3X or Max Matchplay and private streaming. Check the Space City calendar for when it is open to visit. $15 entry.

Quarterly Tournaments

Four times a year, Wormhole hosts a special tournament such as PinGolf or Target Matchplay. These events are often themed and participants are encouraged to wear costumes! Entry fee.

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Past Monthly Champions

Wormhole 4X

2024MarchJack Revnew
2024FebruaryJack Revnew
2024JanuaryPhil Grimaldi
2023DecemberTroy Saenz
2023NovemberJack Revnew
2023OctoberJack Revnew
2023SeptemberJack Revnew
2023AugustPhil Grimaldi
2023JulyChris Geist
2023JuneLee Balusek
2023MayJack Revnew
2023AprilWesley Johnson
2023MarchWesley Johnson
2023FebruaryJack Revnew
2023JanuaryJohn Speights
2022DecemberWesley Johnson
2022NovemberWesley Johnson
2022OctoberPhil Grimaldi
2022SeptemberWesley Johnson
2022AugustJack Revnew
2022JulyBen Whittington
2022MayFred Revnew