Wormhole 4X

A four strikes knockout tournament is held the first Saturday of each month at The Wormhole, a private collection in the Houston Heights (2017 N Shepherd). There is limited parking on site. The tournament starts at 1pm with a $20 entry fee.

Players are placed in groups of 3-4 and play on a random machine. The bottom two players (bottom player in three player groups) of each game receive a strike. Players who receive four strikes are eliminated.

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Past Champions

Wormhole 4X

2023MarchWesley Johnson
2023FebruaryJack Revnew
2023JanuaryJohn Speights
2022DecemberWesley Johnson
2022NovemberWesley Johnson
2022OctoberPhil Grimaldi
2022SeptemberWesley Johnson
2022AugustJack Revnew
2022JulyBen Whittington
2022MayFred Revnew