EinStein’s PhysXXX

Bi-Weekly 3 Strikes Tuesday in Katy, TX

EinStein’s PhysXXX Syllabus

2023 Spring Semester

Instructor: Space City Pinball Tournament Directors

Course Curriculum: The PhysXXX curriculum includes interactions of matter and energy, velocity, accelerations, force, and momentum. Space Cadets will test their skills to manipulate physical matter using electricity and mechanical engineering constructs.

Course Instructions: SCPL Cadets will assemble in small study groups of 3-4. Each group will attempt to outperform their group peers in a test of skill on one of the specialized electromechanical PhysXXX simulators available. Group failure rate is 50% in groups of 4 (bottom 2) and 33% in groups of 3 (bottom 1). Failure results in a single X (strike). After three failures you are on academic probation until the next scheduled PhysXXX class. Only one SCPL cadet will prevail.

Course Calendar: Cadets will meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 6:30pm at EinStein’s in Katy, Texas. Punctuality is essential.

Materials List: $1 for IFPA fees & coin-drop

Prerequisite: age 21+, familiarity with concepts such as “fun” and “a good time”

Electronic Devices: Students should be able to access http://Next.Matchplay.events on a personal electronic device.

SCPL Cadet Handbook: http://www.spacecitypinball.com/