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Houston Arcade Expo Recap

Space City Pinball League, The Premier Pinball League of Texas
Space City Open: 1st Wesley Johnson, 2nd Preston Moncla, 3rd Mark Meserve, 4th Garrett Shahan
Interstellar Showdown: 1st Alice Young, 2nd Melody Zisman, 3rd Rachel Morris, 4th Kelli Raisler
Interstellar Showdown Semifinalists: Miette Dronet, Jessica Thaxton, Summer Ellington, Hope Love

Holy smokes, y’all! That was awesome! As a tournament director, I could not have asked for a better event. All the games arrived in excellent condition. There were so many volunteers willing to help with set up. Even when games went down, our techs, Jesse Bodell and Mike Flanagan, got them back up and operational in short order. The players were respectful and jovial. The rounds started and ended on time. There were very few malfunctions or complicated rulings. And the finals…my goodness the finals. I’ve been on the tournament scene for over 10 years. That was, without a doubt, the most fun and electric finals I’ve ever witnessed. Legendary!

While I would love to take credit, the reality is none of that could have happened without there being such an amazing pinball community here in H-town and Texas. The positive energy this past weekend was truly special. I could not be more proud of what this scene has matured into. We’ve really come a long way.

Big congratulations to Wesley Johnson for taking the crown — the first Space City pinball player to do so! That final shot on Fish Tales was so clutch! Congrats also to Alice Young for earning the rhinestone hat in the Interstellar Showdown after a tough battle on Tron. Well played!

Thanks to Keith and the Houston Arcade Expo for trusting me to run the tournament all these years. Shout out to my assistant TDs: David Pollock, Marc Gammons, David and Elizabeth Dronet, Leslie Speights, Lee Balusek, Matt Quantz. Thanks to Jim Mueller for bringing the spare parts. I think we used most of them! Thanks to Jamie Burchell, Erin Anthony and Wormhole for streaming the tournaments! Finally, thanks to everyone else who brought games and helped with set up and tear down.

-Phil and the Space City Team

Houston Arcade Expo Recap

Wow, what a weekend! 

Thanks to all the competitors for being so excellent all weekend. Being a tournament director isn’t easy, but having such a great group makes all the difference in the world.   

Thank you again to all the folks who brought games for the tournament room and Space City booth, as well as those who stepped up to assist with set up, tear down, and technical work. Tournaments like this are a community effort, and we are forever thankful. 

Thanks to Quasars Arcade and Pin Shades for donating money, shirts, and a set of PinShades to the B-division prize pool, and to the Back Box Pinball Podcast and Kalieda Festival Wear for donating prizes to the women’s tournament.

Congratulations to the winners!

Space City Open

A-division — 1. Colin MacAlpine 2. Robert Byers 3. Jim Mueller and 4. Lee

B-Division — 1. Jeff Mleynek 2. Tim Hood 3. Eric Heskett and 4. Stephen Thaxton 

A Division Finalists

Women’s Interstellar Showdown

1. Kelli Raisler 2. Maritza Chirichingno 3. Lisa Shore 4. Alana Johnson

Interstellar Showdown Finalists

If you didn’t see, there was a great writeup on the show and tournament in

Hope to see you again next year! – The Space City Pinball team

Summer League Results

And that’s a wrap! The 2019 Summer season is officially over. We had a record this season with a total of 51 players who qualified by showing up to at least 2 of the 4 weeks! Y’all make this group amazing! Our finalists are as follows.

A Finals
1st place: Phil Grimaldi 
2nd place: Jim Mueller
3rd place: Erich Stinson
4th place: Chris Palis

A Division

B Finals
1st place: Tim Hood
2nd place: Gina Low
3rd place: Tandy Lofland
4th place: Christopher Heskett.

B Division

Thanks again to the wonderful Charles Kalas for hosting the league! You make this happen and we couldn’t thank you enough! Thank you to all the players! See y’all in a month.

Space City Open

And that’s a wrap! The Space City Open results are posted on IFPA. Go check out your WPPR haul! Congrats to Preston Moncla for taking the crown. Hell of a finals!

The Space City Open was truly a community effort. Thank you to everyone who brought games and those who lended their technical expertise to keep the games running. You can’t have a tournament without games, and you all stepped up and provided.

Finally, big thanks to Keith Christensen, Erich Stinson and the rest of the Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo crew for your infrastructural support throughout the weekend!

1st Preston Moncla
2nd Phil Grimaldi
3rd Allen Robertson

B Division 1st Jack Revnew
2nd Eric Fisher
3rd Chris Doyle
4th Frankie Griffin

Women’s Champions
1st Jessica Shepherd
2nd Lisa Shore
3rd Miette D.
4th Kelly Moncla

January 2016 Monthly Tournament Results

Below are the results of the January 2016 Tournament at the Game Preserve. We had an excellent turnout of 27 players, with a total of 8 new players! Our league continues to grow…

Congratulations to Phil Grimaldi for winning the A-Division, and Rob Torres for winning the B-Division.

1Phil Grimaldi
2Frank Benhart
3Kevin Tooley
4Carey Fishman
5Erich Stinson
6Ruben Zepeda
7Micah Key
8Zach Schafer
9Rob Torres
10James Chacon
11William Thornton
12William Conover
13Marshall Conover
14Grace Martinez
15Rusty Key
16Jamie Jenkins
17Ryan Haagensen
18Belinda Martinez
19Mike Jones
20Sarah Martinez
21Tamera Collier
22Joshua Fishman
23Matt Quantz
24Dyllon Barge
25Freddy Mack
26Murdoch Young
27Brittany Rodgers

October Tournament Results

The results from the October Monthly Tournament at The Game Preserve are below. Congratulations to Corey Westfahl for winning the A-Division and Tracy Lindbergh for winning the B-Division.

Pos.NameQual. Pts.
1Cory Westfahl22
2Phil Grimaldi25
3Justin Niles25
4Micah Key20
5Kevin Tooley19
5James Chacon20
7Mark Lindbergh18
7Rusty Key19
9Tracy Lindbergh14
10Michael Chan14
11Jason Cortez16
12Danny Caswell17
13Rob Torres18
14Sarah Martinez15
15Mike Jones13
16Belinda Martinez12
17Matt Quantz12
18Danny Ecklund11
19Sophia Cortez9
20Chris Windham9
21Grace Martinez8

Joystix League – Week 2 Results

Another great night of league pinball! Happy to see a few new faces tonight. Our league now has a total of 21 cumulative players! Lets keep it growing! Results from Week 2 are posted below:


1Phil Grimaldi212344
2Justin Niles162339
3Matt Quantz181634
3Erich Stinson171734
3Brian Foytik151934
6Don Dura20828
6Cory Westfahl91928
8Brad Berryman19726
9Blake Dumesnil15823
9Chris Gonzales81523
11Charles Kalas2121
12Ken Holmes11920
13James Chacon1414
14Danny Caswell1010
14Ian Zelenski1010
14Jr Flores1010
14Jason Cortez1010
18Jaime Jenkins99
18Rob Torres99
20Justin Lyles77
20Agustin Montes77

High Scores

Star TrekErich Stinson110,709,650
The Walking DeadJustin Niles71,051,670
MetallicaCharles Kalas43,662,330
MustangPhil Grimaldi211,765,830
TronJustin Niles15,059,620

Joystix League- Week 1 Results

Week 1 of the inaugural Space City Pinball League was a great success! Joystix did a fantastic job setting up the games, and everything was playing perfectly. I was happy to see several old faces, as well as several new ones! All said, it was a lively evening and everyone had a great time playing pinball and hanging out. The results from Week 1 are below.  Looking forward to next week!


1Phil Grimaldi21
2Don Dura20
3Brad Berryman19
4Matt Quantz18
5Erich Stinson17
6Justin Niles16
7Blake Dumesnil15
7Brian Foytik15
9James Chacon14
10Ken Holmes11
11Danny Caswell10
11Ian Zelenski10
11Jr Flores10
14Cory Westfahl9
15Chris Gonzales8
16Justin Lyles7

High Scores

Star TrekPhil Grimaldi210,785,600
The Walking DeadPhil Grimaldi116,664,360
MetallicaDon Dura57,548,800
KissErich Stinson55,255,460
SpidermanErich Stinson127,685,010