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Second Season of the Space City Pinball League at Joystix!

The second season of the Space City Pinball League will start on February 16th and run through April 19th. We will meet every Tuesday at 7PM for 8 weeks. We will have finals on April 19. The rules for the league are posted on the Joystix League tab. All league meets are posted on the calendar.

If you’d like to play in the league, all you need to do is show up! There is no cost to entry, and games will be set to free play. All we ask is that you have a good time and tip your bartenders well! You can show up for as many meets as you like. However, to qualify for the finals you must play in at least 4 weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

League results will be posted at

Special thanks to Blake Dumesnil for designing the amazing flyer!

SCPL Spring 2016 Poster Final - 11x17

November 2015 Monthly Tournament Results

Below are the results from November’s monthly tournament at Game Preserve. Holy moly, 28 players! That’s our new record, and we were even missing several regulars. Congrats to Phil Grimaldi for winning the A-Division (Go me!) and Carey Fishman for winning the B-Division.

Heads up, we will not be having a monthly tournament in December. There is just too much going on that month. We’ll pick back up again in January.

1Phil Grimaldi
2Shawn Quinn
3Micah Key
4Zach Fishman
5Rob Torres
6Melissa Holland
6James Chacon
8Joshua Fishman
9Carey Fishman
10Kevin Tooley
11Rusty Key
12Jason Cortez
13Brittany Rodgers
13Freddy Mack
15Frank Bmhart
16Matt Quantz
17Grace Martinez
18Jamie Jenkins
19Danny Caswell
20Sarah Martinez
21Jr Flores
22Danny Ecklund
23Mike Jones
23Belinda Martinez
25Sophia Cortez
26Danny Rios-Lazo
27Cindy Mack
28Devin Harbin


Joystix League – Week 5 Results

Final results from the regular season are posted below. Thanks for coming out everyone! I had a great time — hope you did too!

Remember that final playoffs are next week. Playoff positions are listed in the table. Please let me know if you intend to play in the playoffs.  It costs $15 to play. That money will go towards trophies and payouts to the winner.

1Phil Grimaldi212323231710769A
2Brad Berryman197020236962A
3Justin Niles16231117127956A
4Matt Quantz18161915148253A
5Erich Stinson1717171306451A
6Cory Westfahl9191416157350A
7Jason Cortez010017194646A
8Brian Foytik151900114545A
8Chris Gonzales8151515106345B
10Rob Torres09136214943B
11Blake Dumesnil158013145042B
12James Chacon1401310114838B
13Danny Caswell100100173737B
14Jr Flores10011093030B
15Don Dura2080002828
16Ken Holmes1190702727B
16Agustin Montes0701372727B
18Charles Kalas0210002121
19Frank Bmhart0012001212
20Ian Zelenski1000001010
21Jaime Jenkins0900099
22Justin Lyles7000077
22Joe Reyna0070077

Joystix League – Week 4 Results

Below are the results from Week 4. Sorry for the delay, was very busy last week.

1Phil Grimaldi212323239046
2Justin Niles162311176740
3Brad Berryman1970204639
4Matt Quantz181619156837
5Cory Westfahl91914165835
6Brian Foytik1519003434
6Erich Stinson171717136434
8Chris Gonzales81515155330
9Don Dura208002828
9Blake Dumesnil1580133628
11James Chacon14013103727
11Jason Cortez0100172727
13Rob Torres091362822
14Charles Kalas021002121
14Jr Flores1001102121
16Ken Holmes119072720
16Danny Caswell1001002020
16Agustin Montes070132020
19Frank Bmhart001201212
20Ian Zelenski100001010
21Jaime Jenkins090099
22Justin Lyles700077
22Joe Reyna007077


Joystix League – Week 3 Results

Sorry for the delay in posting! Overall League results plus Week 3 are shown below. Total’ shows the total number of points, minus the 2 lowest weeks. Rank is based on Total’.

1Phil Grimaldi2123236723
1Justin Niles1623115023
3Charles Kalas02102121
4Don Dura20802820
5Matt Quantz1816195319
5Cory Westfahl919144219
5Brian Foytik151903419
5Brad Berryman19702619
9Erich Stinson1717175117
10Chris Gonzales815153815
10Blake Dumesnil15802315
12James Chacon140132714
13Rob Torres09132213
14Frank Bmhart00121212
15Jr Flores100112111
15Ken Holmes11902011
17Danny Caswell100102010
17Ian Zelenski10001010
17Jason Cortez01001010
20Jaime Jenkins09099
21Justin Lyles70077
21Agustin Montes07077
21Joe Reyna00777
MetallicaPhil Grimaldi85,577,440
KissPhil Grimaldi44,186,880
Walking DeadErich Stinson196,287,140
WrestlemaniaPhil Grimaldi17,706,940
Star TrekPhil Grimaldi128,949,960

Joystix League Starts on October 13

The Space City Pinball League will start its inaugural season at Joystix/Eighteen Twenty Lounge on October 13 at 7:00 PM. The league will meet every Tuesday (excluding Oct 27) for 5 weeks, followed by a finals.

If you’re looking for something unique to do in Houston, then come on out, have a few drinks, and play some pinball! Eighteen Twenty Lounge will provide drink specials and prizes throughout the season. Joystix will provide a selection of pinball machines each week, ranging from the newest Sterns to older classics.

All skill levels are encouraged to attend, from total newbie to seasoned pro. If you’re interested but not sure how to play, myself and other players would love to teach you the rules and give you tips for playing. Once you get past the initial learning curve, you will discover that pinball is a ton of fun. New players are welcome to join on any regular season night.

Full list of league rules can be found here:

Live league standings can be viewed at:

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email

Pinball tourny poster small
Flyer courtesy of Stephen Silver.