Joystix League – Week 3 Results

Sorry for the delay in posting! Overall League results plus Week 3 are shown below. Total’ shows the total number of points, minus the 2 lowest weeks. Rank is based on Total’.

1Phil Grimaldi2123236723
1Justin Niles1623115023
3Charles Kalas02102121
4Don Dura20802820
5Matt Quantz1816195319
5Cory Westfahl919144219
5Brian Foytik151903419
5Brad Berryman19702619
9Erich Stinson1717175117
10Chris Gonzales815153815
10Blake Dumesnil15802315
12James Chacon140132714
13Rob Torres09132213
14Frank Bmhart00121212
15Jr Flores100112111
15Ken Holmes11902011
17Danny Caswell100102010
17Ian Zelenski10001010
17Jason Cortez01001010
20Jaime Jenkins09099
21Justin Lyles70077
21Agustin Montes07077
21Joe Reyna00777
MetallicaPhil Grimaldi85,577,440
KissPhil Grimaldi44,186,880
Walking DeadErich Stinson196,287,140
WrestlemaniaPhil Grimaldi17,706,940
Star TrekPhil Grimaldi128,949,960

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