November 2015 Monthly Tournament Results

Below are the results from November’s monthly tournament at Game Preserve. Holy moly, 28 players! That’s our new record, and we were even missing several regulars. Congrats to Phil Grimaldi for winning the A-Division (Go me!) and Carey Fishman for winning the B-Division.

Heads up, we will not be having a monthly tournament in December. There is just too much going on that month. We’ll pick back up again in January.

1Phil Grimaldi
2Shawn Quinn
3Micah Key
4Zach Fishman
5Rob Torres
6Melissa Holland
6James Chacon
8Joshua Fishman
9Carey Fishman
10Kevin Tooley
11Rusty Key
12Jason Cortez
13Brittany Rodgers
13Freddy Mack
15Frank Bmhart
16Matt Quantz
17Grace Martinez
18Jamie Jenkins
19Danny Caswell
20Sarah Martinez
21Jr Flores
22Danny Ecklund
23Mike Jones
23Belinda Martinez
25Sophia Cortez
26Danny Rios-Lazo
27Cindy Mack
28Devin Harbin


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