Joystix League- Week 1 Results

Week 1 of the inaugural Space City Pinball League was a great success! Joystix did a fantastic job setting up the games, and everything was playing perfectly. I was happy to see several old faces, as well as several new ones! All said, it was a lively evening and everyone had a great time playing pinball and hanging out. The results from Week 1 are below.  Looking forward to next week!


1Phil Grimaldi21
2Don Dura20
3Brad Berryman19
4Matt Quantz18
5Erich Stinson17
6Justin Niles16
7Blake Dumesnil15
7Brian Foytik15
9James Chacon14
10Ken Holmes11
11Danny Caswell10
11Ian Zelenski10
11Jr Flores10
14Cory Westfahl9
15Chris Gonzales8
16Justin Lyles7

High Scores

Star TrekPhil Grimaldi210,785,600
The Walking DeadPhil Grimaldi116,664,360
MetallicaDon Dura57,548,800
KissErich Stinson55,255,460
SpidermanErich Stinson127,685,010

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