Pingolf Tournament Overview


  • This will be a 13 hole PinGolf tournament where you select only 13 of the 18 games to play. Each hole will consist of a goal to be achieved on a pinball machine (e.g. starting a mode or completing a specified game objective).
  • The number of balls played to reach the objective will be counted as strokes; the fewer balls the better/lower the score. A penalty stroke is scored for failure to accomplish the objective.
  • The top 8 players of the 13 holes of the PinGolf tournament qualify for finals. 
  • This will be an IFPA event with each player’s finishing position used for ranking within the world of competitive pinball.

Player Instructions

Score each objective by the ball it was achieved on.  Accomplish it on ball 1 = 1 stroke.  Ball 2, 2 strokes and so on.  Add one penalty stroke if you do not achieve the objective. The maximum score is a 4. Record your strokes on the scorecard. When you have played all 13 holes, turn your scorecard in to the TD.

  • Announce you are playing your pingolf round.
  • Start a one player game. (No restarts)
  • Have your partner witness the game and initial your recorded score.
  • Play the games in any order.