Woos and Brews

This session’s games (6/10 – 6/23) are:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Junkyard, Lord of the Rings, Monopoly, Star Pool, Texan, Twin Win, World Cup Soccer ’94

Each session runs for two weeks, and there is no cost to enter (aside from entry to The Game Preserve itself). Sessions begin Saturday afternoons at 4PM and end Friday nights at 11:59PM. See the dates on the calendar, Facebook group, or the IFPA website.

Eight games will be picked for each session with your best five games counting toward your score. The game list will be posted here and in the Facebook group. Play the eight games as many times as you’d like and take a picture of your score for each game. Submit your score pictures to the Matchplay link for the session.

Your scores over the two weeks determine your seeding for the playoff tournament. The playoff tournament is a 4-strikes knockout format starting at 1PM on Saturdays immediately following the end of the qualifying session. Everyone who submitted scores during the session is eligible to play.